Future Plans

A great idea was presented to me by one of the girls. I’ve decided I’m going to make having a summit event at the beach my senior thesis research project for school. This will allow me to do all the planning it takes for an event like this, before going forward with the actual event. That will make it easier to have it after I graduate. We will be having it at my favorite hotel that I first stayed at with my best friend when I turned 16, Island House Hotel – a DoubleTree by Hilton. Some of the girls haven’t been to the beach, so I’m really excited to show them how awesome it is.




3 thoughts on “Future Plans

  1. When I turned 16, my parents took me, and my best friend, Lindsay, to the Island House Hotel in Gulf Shores. I remember we loved it, and I thought that would be where we have our get together that I’ll be doing my Capstone Senior Research Thesis on!


  2. Love your Lemonade blog and life Jenny *wink* I like the fact that you are goal oriented and have made your disability a spring board for growth. Wish you the best as you pursue your dreams. Its a delight to have met you.


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