Seize the Day!

Notes from the Coolroom

runningWhen opportunities knock what are you like at grabbing them?

Sometimes circumstances throw opportunities at you and it requires quick action. How do you respond?
I have extremely successful friends who are brilliant at taking up opportunities. I’m not just referring to professional opportunities either. They’re confident, clever and quick to move. I’m always impressed and inspired by them.

Me? Well, I like to think that I take up opportunities that present themselves, but then upon reflection I don’t know that I take them on in as graceful a manner as I’d like to think.

For me the saying ‘take a big bite and then chew like crazy’ is more like my boys when they were two, kinda chewing.

I start off with a lot of bravado and confidence, and then sometimes I’ll then begin to think about what it is that I have gotten myself into.

I’m good like…

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